During the off season, Ridgebotics members constructed an 8 barrel t-shirt canon for outreach events. Our launcher has been featured at Eagles hockey games, The Peach Festival, CSU Basketball games, our high school's football games, and more. We promote our sponsors by launching their t-shirts over 150 feet at all of our events!

T-Shirt Cannon
Colorado Kickoff 2018

For the 5th year in a row, Ridgebotics has assisted Colorado FIRST in running the FRC Colorado Kickoff. Ridgebotics members get up at 4A.M. to set up for the event. We usher teams, manage the kit of parts, and even give presentation workshops during the event. 

STEM Carnival

Ridgebotics went to a local elementary and middle school STEM carnival to demonstrate our robots. We let students drive our 2015 and 2016 competition robots. Through these demonstrations we introduced over a hundred students to FIRST Robotics!

Poudre Valley Picnic

To support one of our Visionary Sponsors, Poudre Valley REA, we attend their annual picnic to demonstrate to the community what we've built! We teach everyone how to drive our different robots and the challenge each robot had to complete during that year's competition.